Welcome to the Bumbling Bees Hive

2 min readNov 25, 2021


Every bee in the hive has an important role to play.

I know what you’re thinking… ANOTHER 10k pfp project! What makes this one any different?!

Look at this sick bee

My first goal and main goal with this project is to consistently under promise and over deliver.

With that in mind, Bumbling Bees will have a few key promises that it will deliver on:

  1. Bumbling Bees will be entirely carbon NEGATIVE. It would be wildly hypocritical of us to use bees for this project and not leave the world in a better place than we found it.
  2. The price to adopt a bee will be cheaper than your average pfp collection. Whilst I will do everything I can to teach the world about bees, I also want to educate potential new collectors to the world of NFTs. Adoption costs for bees will be set at 0.02ETH which I believe is a fair introductory price.
  3. Bumbling Bees will stick around for the long haul. We will be registering as a public limited company in the UK, my home, and already have plans for at least 2 years worth of work on top of the initial pfp release.
  4. There absolutely will be countless awful puns. This is non-negotiable.

Over the next week or so the website and discord will be going live and there will be whitelist opportunities so bee ready for that.

Luke (Citizen Erased)




First among equals in the hive.